Cancer – A death sentence

moringa-leavesThe prognosis of a person having cancer is tantamount to a judge pronouncing a death sentence. Cancer is a fearsome sickness. Mainstream medical science has no complete answer to this. Simultaneously, many other theories on the causes of cancer abound, alongside non-medical, non-invasive purported cures. According to reports, Body acidity is one main cause of providing an environment in the body for cancerous growth. Sugar does the reverse, promoting cancerous growth. There are advocates of taking baking soda to promote alkalinity in the body and counteract body acidity. Mayo Clinic stated “Sodium bicarbonate is also used to make the blood and urine more alkaline in certain conditions.” Take note that there is a qualification in the Mayo statement. 

Controversies on the use of direct ingestion of sodium bicarbonate as a cancer treatment abound. Science-Based Medicine wrote in this article: “For instance, on February 5, Danielle was very enamored of an article by someone named Gregory Delaney that’s been floating around the Internet entitled Curing Cancer with Baking Soda: What MD’s and Naturopaths Don’t Know. The article, as you can tell from its title, is a load of pseudoscience, indicating a complete lack of understanding of cancer. Delaney also rants against oncologists as “disciples of fraud” and claiming that the cancer is not the disease, but rather a manifestation of…something else. Instead of embracing the claim that cancer is a manifestation of buried emotional trauma (as do the German New Medicine and Biologie Totale), Delaney embraces the claim that cancer is not a disease but rather a “reaction of cells to various factors that will cause their death if they do not devolve to a lower, cancerous state.” His solution? Just what the title says: Cure cancer with baking soda!”

In the video above, the controversy about ingesting baking soda as a cancer cure was discussed. Taking alkaline water per se will not be beneficial. In fact it can be negative as the alkaline neutralises the acid in the stomach that is critical for digestion and killing harmful bacteria. The benefits of direct ingestion of alkaline water is a myth, if not harmful according to the discussion. Granted that there are numerous people who claim that they benefit from drinking alkaline water, the “scientific” explanation holds more water. However, evidence does suggest that cancer cells do succumb to direct injection of alkaline, but this is not the same as taking alkaline water.

While it may be true that an acidic body blood/cell mitigates invasion of cancerous growth, body acidity cannot be neutralised by direct ingestion of alkaline water. Taking lemon juice (which is acidic) is different as it reacts with the chemicals in the stomach to produce alkalinity in the blood/cells. It is not the same as direct ingestion of alkaline water. It is more important to take food that produces body alkalinity, not direct ingestion of alkaline water.

Exercises also raise body PH. Hyper ventilation starts a chain process (the lactic acid etc..) in the body that increases body PH – deep breathing and panting is therefore beneficial. The body is incredible as it adjusts the body PH to a very narrow optimal range. We can help the body to do this by dieting, exercise and having less stress. Drink pure water which is PH neutral and if possible, mineral water that has the right beneficial chemicals. To live healthy, eat right and live right with an active lifestyle. Everyone has a different tolerance in diet intake and metabolism. So know your own body and treat it with care.

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Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.