Folly, More Folly

AbbotThe yo-yo game continues with the vacillating Ukraine-Syria-Iraq pendulum. Watching world events unfold, the only sensible conclusion is that without war, there is just not enough excitement for world powerful leaders to wile away their time. War is exciting. War is a distraction. War stimulates employment. War is money. War keeps the defence contractors busy and happy. The only caveat is – not in my backyard. As long as the war is fought in a foreign land, the smell of death and blood is too far away to be of any consequence. But there is another more noble cause for war – the United Nations call that a “humanitarian cause”. Through war, man is freed from the tyranny of dictatorial enslavement. It liberates and elevates human esteem.

A country’s sovereignty and freedom to do what is best for her people is what makes a nation sovereign and not a puppet-nincompoop. Unfortunately, most “sovereign” nations are sovereign only in name. Many are de facto puppet nations (or their leaders are). They do not have a sovereign government, but one that is subject to dictatorship of another possibly more powerful nation. The countries in the EU are good examples. While the member nations claim to be sovereign, their policies and actions do not measure up. Weaker countries are totally subservient to powerful ones.

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Australia is another country that sees no shame in bowing down to another foreign master while calling herself a defender of freedom and democracy. Comments made by Aussie leaders clearly indicate that Aussie land is just another satellite of foreign nations. Perhaps Australia is nothing more than the Queen’s outpost.  The New Daily (Australia) published on 27 August 2014 some startling statements (italics are author’s comments):

  • Defence Minister David Johnston says Australia has not “yet” been approached to commit Australian forces to join either expanded US air strikes in Iraq or potential military action in Syria. Foreign powers dictate Aussie actions, waiting for orders?
  • And speaking on tonight’s Lateline program, Senator Johnston said while there is a “long way to go” before any fighter planes could be deployed, Australian forces are in a “high state of readiness”. Looks like the Senator has a different understanding of what is a “long way”.
  • “We haven’t been approached yet other than with respect to humanitarian relief,” he said. “I’m not going to talk about what we might or might not do operationally – currently our focus is specifically from a humanitarian perspective. Aussies need to be approached by foreign powers to be “humanitarian”, otherwise, brain-dead.
  • “We do have a lot of capability at our fingertips – we’ve got Super Hornets, they’re incredibly capable, they’re exactly what flies off US aircraft carriers. Without US carriers, Aussie planes cannot fly!
  • A statement from the Prime Minister’s office released earlier said “the Government has made it clear that ISIL represents a serious threat; not only in Iraq and Syria and the wider Middle East, but also to Australia’s national security”. Is that so, see what he says next.
  • Earlier today, ASIO director-general David Irvine was asked if any escalation in Australia’s involvement could increase the risk of terror at home. He said he could not see any “immediate” link. Oh, he just said ISIL is a serious threat!
  • “Australia is not considering putting combat forces on the ground (nor, for that matter, is the United States).” Oops, Abbot just changed his mind, or did someone just lied? About 600 Australian military personnel are preparing to leave for the Middle East in anticipation of deployment to Iraq (Perth Now).

It is just too painful to read or listen to statements coming from leaders of a sovereign nation such as Australia. You can only envisage nothing positive arising from actions from such leaders. If such statements are not pure folly, then that word needs a new definition! Australians need to wake up from their sweet slumber Down Under before body bags draped in the national flag start returning home. It is not patriotism to fight an unjust war that Australia has no reason to be involved in, it is……….?

James 1:8
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.


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