Credibility Drought: Journalism in Crisis

Battle for Eyeballs

Battle for Eyeballs

The mainstream media (MSM) propaganda machinery all over the world is going overtime during these chaotic moments, trying to play catch up with a torrent of news, rumours and reports flooding that are the social media. Events are happening faster than the managed MSM media can handle. Most MSM reports are vetted before they could be published. Compared with the lightning speed by which social media propagates, MSM news lagged behind like historical dinosaurs. The real challenge for the reader is to be able to navigate the deluge of information and mis-information in order to form a credible opinion of reported events. For some, this may be too tiring.  MSM news for now, has a slight advantage of being “more credible” only because they have had the near virtual monopoly of news in traditional channels of reporting. This is about to change.

With just a few keystrokes, an event may be reported and reach millions over the social media once it goes viral within minutes. Notwithstanding that such a report is not vetted, the use of images, audio and voice recordings on an event taken as it happens in real time provide veracity to such reports. Unfortunately, the sophistication of image and video editing adds another twist to these otherwise fail-safe evidences. The speed of transmission somewhat mitigates the chances fraud. The time from the capture of an event in image or video recording,  provides a “safety epoch” – a means of verifying authenticity. If an image or video is received within seconds from the time it was captured, the probability of authenticity ranks high. In this respect, authenticity is inversely proportional to time.

Given time, images and video recordings are easily edited. With professional editing, it takes another professional sleuth to verify if the evidence has been tampered. In most cases, professional tampering will evade the eyes of an average reader. The average reader will not just have to contend with massive information overload but also fraudulent information that are created to mislead. The media especially in cyberspace is an absolute chaotic battleground for propaganda and truth seekers. He who shouts loudest may just the the winner. Quantity is more convincing than quality since most people do not have discerning minds or are just to lazy to probe.

Recent events in Ukraine demonstrated the ugly battle for news and truth between two titans – the Western bloc and Russia.MSM bias is glaring. A Google search “Russia provides proof that Ukraine fired rockets” shows all the first 30 results coming from Western MSM accusing Russia as the culprit instead. Only RT News reported the “evidence” of satellite pictures and radar records presented officially by the military and challenged the west to provide evidence. This was not carried by western MSM but picked up by various social network reports.

A YouTube Clip “Proving” Rebels Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH-17” released by Kiev was later shown by social media to be a fake false-flag pre-recorded tape. Ukraine’s president says Kiev’s artillery destroyed a “significant” part of a Russian armored column that is said to have crossed the border overnight. This was flatly denied by Russia’s Lavrov who then challenged Kiev for proof. That challenge again went unheeded. The latest goof was a video showing a prominent field commander of the East Ukrainian militia amid rioters in Missouri’s Ferguson neighborhood. That sparked a media frenzy about Russia being involved in the rioting in Ferguson. RT News pointed out that the video was an edited version of a piece of RT news clip.

Falsified video: Now you see him, next you don't

Falsified video: Now you see him, next you don’t

With so much information being falsified by official sources and relentlessly promulgated by MSM, the credibility of news reports is now stacked totally against MSM. Journalism is no longer ashamed of blatant false or biased reporting. This can only happened if the acts are sanctioned by the MSM tycoon owners. Powerful forces are behind these dangerous propaganda games orchestrated by media moguls. The stakes are high. Unfortunately, journalism is the fall guy. Journalism is dead.

That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


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