The Masquerade

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

The man who makes people laugh – Robin Williams died today at age of 63. The cause of death is reported as “suicide”. Robin had a successful career over 40 years. He is funny, outwardly at least. He has to, it is his job to be funny, appear funny and make people laugh. People loved the affable man. The mainstream media and social media is abuzz with his sudden departure. Mainstream media splashed the pictures of Robin on their front pages. Media coverage detailing stories of his humorous appearances in the past and also about his intimate life was extesnive. This celebrated man’s death  evokes so much attention. Fans all over the world flooded social media Facebook and Tweeter with tributes, condolences and expression of deep sadness. Even Obama pays his tribute! Truly, a celebrated legend has moved on.

Meanwhile, many thousands of innocent civilians are being bombed into oblivion in Ukraine, Gaza and conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Chad and Somalia. Members of ISIS continue their grotesque murderous spree and proudly display heads lopped off murdered victims. Ironically, not much has been reported. No reports of popular remorse were forthcoming. Perhaps these images may be too graphic for the mainstream media to publish. It is simply against media etiquette to publish such images.  Or, perhaps, these people are of no significance. They are just digits that made up the 7 billion or so human beings on earth. Would Robin be missed had he been born in one of these war-torn areas? Why do so many people all over the world shed tears for Robin, but hardly a tear was shed for thousands who perished incognito in cold blood murders? Surely, this world has very different values today. People would rather worship fame and idolise celebrities regardless of their virtues and character. Like a peanut, the outward shell is everything. An iconic peanut will still sell, regardless of the condition of the nut within.

According to what can be gleaned from the media, the Robin that the world knows is a masquerade. He is not Robin Williams but a media-hyped up make belief Icon that existed only in the virtual reality of entertainment media. The real Robin has a different identity. He is a sad, not exactly humorous person. The world showered the Icon with adulation, but the real Robin is lonely, insecure and vulnerable. Icon Robin is lost in fame and wealth, but Robin is lost. He must have searched for a true meaning of life – his life. Unfortunately, his quest to find his identity evaded him. Doesn’t Robin has just one real friend to confide in and show him reality and truth that is right before his eyes? If he had, he should not have resorted to drugs and alcohol. These only numbed him further and can never satisfy his wandering soul. He struggled in a dark world of his own. In the process, he broke two previous marriages. He had a lovely daughter whom he must have adored deeply and saw some meaning in life through her. Still that failed to fill his empty and restless soul. In no time, the claws of drugs and alcohol returned with a vengeance. He attempted suicide twice. This time, he lost!

Many famous celebrities in the music and entertainment industry have walked the same path as Robin. It is a damned Broadway, not the virtuous narrow way. These are people who have attained fame and wealth to the envy of any person on earth. In addition, many of them are endowed with attractive physical attributes. Yet, these achievements and glory cannot fill the void in their lives. So many of them suffered the same fate of tragic death by drugs and alcohol. Those in this industry must be aware of the treacherous lives they are leading. It is a masquerade.

 John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.