Is He The One?

Putin's Matrix-Style Moves

Putin’s Matrix-Style Moves

So far, the score for the Ukraine WWIII final stands at  2:0 (What Next? Mr President), in Russia’s favour, the West (USA/EU) trailing behind. Putin had hitherto been playing defensive. Every aggressive blow from the West is matched with a gravity-defying stunt executed with precision by master Putin. The West watched with bewilderment as Putin gingerly dodges blow after blow with Matrix-style evasive moves.

Is he THE ONE?

Is he THE ONE?

They are exasperated and at a lost for new ideas. Every move is craftily matched by Putin.  In the Situation Room, the tension is mounting as the Agents, a group of man in dark glasses and dark suits fumes over these failed attempts. The best of the best tricks have been deployed – Hollywood-style media bombarded Putin – “In Russia, Crime Without Punishment” (Time, 24 July 2014) ; riots linked to US covet private army Blackwater, blatant behind the scene political manoeuvring; IMF “financial incentives”; MH17 mysterious downing; Sanction 1; Sanction 2. Military drills with NATO and prowling the Back Sea with US missile cruiser have not worked either. It is just not getting anywhere. It’s time to invoke the powers of the prophet Oracle. Perhaps she might know the answer  to this baffling battle. Putin simply did not succumb,  is he The One

The mood is about to change. The bear has awakened, and master Putin wondering too if he is The One. Perhaps so, but he has to find out. Is he The One to shoulder the burden of the world to prevent it from collapsing into moral decay and disintegration?

In 2013, he crackdown homosexuality in Russia with an Anti-Gay bill and snubbed the West where LGBT has gone berserk and is now a state-sanctioned activity in the USA. A potential massacre of Syrian people by the Western-led military was averted in the last minute after Putin’s coaxed President Assad to destroy his arsenal of chemical weapons. In Ukraine, since the civil war erupted, over 10,000 innocent civilians were reported to have been killed by their own Ukrainian government. In comparison, the international community screamed “genocide” over 1000 deaths in the Gaza conflict. Everyone of these innocent death is a murder by the state. It is criminal. These senseless killings all ought not to have happened. But the international community kept silent. Even after so many casualties in Ukraine, Russia’s initiative for peacekeeping was construed by the US as probable aggression. Meanwhile US cruise missile prowling the Black Sea is meant to promote peace and stability. Is there anymore sanity?

Even if Putin is to be demonized, he should be applauded for calling for a stop to bloodshed  in Ukraine. Regrettably, he is alone and appears to be The One against the world. Until proven otherwise, can’t the world take his words at face value? “Let me repeat again, that in Russia’s view, the blame for the crisis in Ukraine lies with those who organized the coup d’etat in Kiev on February 22-23… But whatever the case, we must look for a way to solve the situation as it is today….And, as I said, what is needed is direct, full-fledged and equal dialogue between the Kiev authorities and the representatives of people in southeast Ukraine….I don’t know whether a Geneva-2 round of talks.. is realistic. (But) I believe that if we want to find a long-term solution to the crisis, there must be an open, honest and equal dialogue . That is our only option.” – Russian President Vladimir Putin, press statement, OCSE meeting, Moscow, May 7, 2014

Putin’s defensive stance may be about to end. He sprang a surprise by imposing a ban of a range of food products from the Western-back countries (and Australia – why on earth this Down Under land got involved is a real puzzle!) that had imposed sanctions on Russia. It will be a painful endeavour for the Russians and also for EU members. Some EU members are already feeling the impact. Did the chess-master Putin sacrificed his queen for a little pawn? Putin may just be out-flanking the Western-backed hostilities. Russia’s bombers are menacing US Air Defense Zones. Russia’s Northern Fleet’s anti-submarine forces have detected and forced out a US submarine from Russian boundary waters on 7th August 2014. Recently, Russia and Cuba have agreed to reopen a massive Soviet-era spy base on the outskirts of Havana, according to the Russian newspaper Kommersant. The bear has certainly stirred. Hibernation period is over – beware of the bear’s enormous appetite right after hibernation.

 Jeremiah 22:3

Thus saith the Lord; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.




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