Silence of the Lambs

This is not about the 1991 thriller movie Silence of the Lambs. It is about silence of the lambs – something more sinister, real and tragic. Read on with an open mind and a contrite heart. This is for Christians only. It is strictly for those who believe that they are born sinners and have been rescued from death by the propitiation of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ – the only begotten Son of God Yahweh, who came to be the ultimate sacrificial Lamb of God, born of a virgin woman, died on the cross and was resurrected again. If that is not what you are, read on only if you have nothing better to do. If you are a believer, stop reading immediately too if the words henceforth hurt too much or you think there is not an iota of truth in what is written. Else consider the facts and ponder over them then decide for yourself what to believe. If the ensuing words stir your heart, be at peace. They are not meant to provoke you into rage. Truth will set you free. I am not a theologian or bible scholar, just a simpleton who is willing to observe and compare the workings of the awesome risen Christ and His teachings versus man appointed, self-professed teachers of Christ. 

Many believers of Christ today are cognizant that something is strangely wrong with many churches and burgeoning charismatic congregations and the church leadership. Yet they are unable to identify precisely what is wrong. Some do perceive misgivings and grave errors promulgated  by leaders, but allow the state of affairs to continue for fear of questioning “God’s authority”. This is particularly so with older believers who have seen days when churches were more true-to-Christ and leaders less influenced by materialism and intoxicating power. Perhaps, this may in part be attributed to a somewhat skewed teachings from the pulpit to not question “God’s anointed”. The polemic is obedience or ignorance of the audience. Lambs listened to the shepherd, never discerning if under the sheepskin is a wolf. The key problem lies clearly in “the authority”. Is the authority truly God’s appointment or man’s appointment. Worst still, it may be self-appointment. This is common in a narcissistic or dictatorial person. If this premise is correct, therein lies the root cause of the withering church today.

Increasingly, more and more self-appointed apostles of Christ are appearing in the Christian circuit. No longer are they satisfied with the “Reverend” title. To be conferred “apostleship” gives more credence, power and authority. Who appoints and confers such a title is a subject of conjecture, yet no one seems to care. With the recognition comes fame, power and money. The competition for prominence, audience and “discipleship” is intense.  No longer is preaching the word the churches’ raison d’etre, growth and size take center stage. Charismatic speakers with mesmerizing oratorical skills lead the pack. The beguiled audience takes in all during these psychedelic performances by charismatic preachers – hook, sinker and line! As the quest for bigger flocks intensifies, mega churches sprouted. As the church “progressed”, the creativity of fallen man also multiplies. Often, professional musicians and stage expertise are employed to augment ambience and for maximum impact.

In this New Age, man can do almost anything. The little god within man is waiting to be released and activated. Is man seeking to resurrect the tower of Babel again?. Even if it is not so, Babel does appear within reach as man sees more power being made manifest with his hands. Man, or some man, have become like gods. And they encourage every man to be like god. And there is a method to activate that inner man. Fallen ministers train followers how to wake up and activate that latent power from within. If power is not forthcoming, trained power-filled ministers may impart these “spirits” to an unsuspecting recipient (note that impartation of spirits is a routine witchcraft). Dunamis it is! Bang – the modern church has unleashed an explosion of a new breed of prophets of divination, faith healers and power ministers who do all kinds of wonders like raining gold dust and pronouncing prosperity. The flocks shriek and beg for more.

Amidst all these spiritual chaos and mayhem, where is Christ? Christ is no longer the important subject. Neither is Christ preached. Instead, professionally photoshopped pictures of these ministers are splashed all over in diverse promotional materials. Testimonials of their great achievements are heavily advertised to attract bigger attendance. Christ is completely lost in the avalanche of this emergent slew of apostles, power ministers who can heal the sick, raise the dead, pronounce wealth and prosperity, even call forth rain and fire from heaven. The Elijah spirit is upon them. Behold, a new generation of Pharisees and Sadducees has arrived (Matthew 6:9).

Contrary to what is commonly preached on the pulpit today,  the Christ of the Bible did not promise fame, power nor wealth (Luke 11:2). Christ came to save fallen man from death. It was a simple message to repent, forgive and acceptance of grace and salvation from the sinking world. Just as one man, Adam caused all to die, one man, born of God, is all that there is to save all man from death. This one simple message is all but forgotten, only to be replaced by all forms of teachings that sinful man itches to hear. Hence, to these brood of New Age ministers, Christ is irrelevant in their theology. After all, man can do the job of God in their self-professed manifold ministries of prosperity, prophecy, healing and power.

Christ shall remain that little baby in the cradle portrayed during Christmas after Christmas – the baby who never grew up. Christ is still that poor man crucified, still hanging helplessly on the cross Easter after Easter – never resurrected. Christ is history. That’s New Age Christianity, straight from Freemasonry ideology, not new testament acts. Absolute heresy. Don’t be beguiled by these brood of vipers imparting beguiling spirits. This is not the time for “silence of the lambs”. The destination for silence is the slaughter-house. 

Healing ministry: Does the Bible teach that we can teach and train ministers to heal (is it not that it is God that heals)? You decide.

Prophetic ministry: Does the Bible teach how to learn “words of knowledge” or “prophetic visions”? Is there a “Prophecy for Dummies” manual? You decide.

Power ministry: Does the Bible teache how to impart (transfer) power to someone else? Please don’t misquote the story about woman with the issue of blood (Matthew 9:20)? You decide.

Genesis 3:5
For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


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